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When I was in college for Cyber security and networking the instructors flew through the courses. Being a home computer user I was very lost on all these different things I was suppose to learn in school. If you feel the same as I do, than this course is for you. Paul and Jayson are very quick to answer your questions on issues you might come across


The information in this course is well presented and covers in detail the steps to setup a WDS server to be used for Windows OS installation from the network. It focuses on short explanations and the practical at a level of detail appropriate for IT professionals and other that already have experience with Windows server, AD, DNS, DHCP, and client system builds.

John S Field

I love this course! It is concise and to the point giving students the luxury of not having to figure out what the "important" tidbits of information are. It ALL is, and that's a refreshing difference from most other online tutorials I've waded through. Thanks for good design and lesson planning!

Robert Martin

Explains basic concepts for BEGINNERS, practically very well.

Paul always speaks to the point and explains core of the concept very easily and clearly. (I have seen most of the trainers fail in this.)

Ashpak Latiph Mulani

Very informative course.
Even though I have worked in IT now for the last two years, Instructor Paul delivered newer information that I hadn't even been exposed to.
I could listen and learn from them all day. Hope to take more courses from these two.

Joseph Victory

This was a highly detailed and easy-to-follow course and I recommend it to anyone wanting to build their own WDS server. This is my third completed course that contains Paul Hill, however this course is mostly covered by Omar Dabbas. Both Omar and Paul are knowledgeable, informative and responsive to student inquiries and comments, including mine. I love that you can adjust the playback speed in Udemy videos.

Sage Foster

This is the fourth course by Paul Hill that I've completed and just like all of his other courses, this course was simple and easy to follow along. I was able to do everything that was shown within his demonstrations of Windows Server and Ubuntu Server. I already had background experience of Windows Server from his other courses, but there's a section that discusses batch scripts which was very interesting.

Sage Foster

The instructions so far could not be better. Key items to note are always pointed out, and obvious things an experienced person would know, but may trip up a novice, are also identified. Very good instructions.

Gavin Giles

This was a solid introductory course for me. The series of lectures not only helped me create my first functioning study lab, but I think Paul did a great job explaining and demonstrating some of the more common roles servers perform. I am satisfied with the material and resources I was given. It was money well spent.

Isaac James Whitman

Thank you so very much! In school, I had a hard time grasping all of this information, because our books and software did not work together. I was completely lost, however, we have a spring hacking competition and you have helped me learn how to set up my VMWare so I can practice. Thank you


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